Nac you seyee

The deceitfulness of religionists and creationists boggles the mind! This is scarcely surprising when one considers that their regurgitated opinions are based on lack of evidence, distorted interpretation of evidence, and consistently fallacious logic.

"Nac you seyee" appears in a video uploaded by a rigid, right-wing, bigotted, fundamentalist, ├╝ber-Christian.

Like many of her ultra-conservative fellows, she despises, and presumably fears, Barack Hussein Obama [her emphasis]. This feeling, despite her sharing his pigmentation, is presumably based on the laudable fact that he is not an ultra-conservative type such as her hero, Sarah Palin.

She went to the trouble of recording, and playing in reverse, Obama saying "Yes, we can".

As she replays “Nac you seyee”, she cues the video with the text, “Thank you satan.”

Even if, by some pure fluke, "Yes, we can" played in reverse did indeed sound like "Thank you, Satan", this would prove absolutely nothing about the intent or import of Obama's message or policies. To claim so would be equivalent to claiming that a video played in reverse proves that water can defy gravity by leaping upward from a puddle into a bucket.

No wonder that people with opinions as biased, unpleasant, and illogical as this Bah-buw thumper consider it necessary to disable ratings and comments on their videos. Her obsession with evil is interesting – she appears to have intimate knowledge of evil. This might be pitiable if it were not deliberate.

If you wish to hear this vicious nonsense for yourself, follow the trail.

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