IDiocy IDiots

So-called 'intelligent design' is creationism in lucrative, fancy dress. ID is often referred to as IDiocy, while its devious, creationist proponents are often referred to as IDiots, among other less flattering descriptions.

"The case was Kitzmiller, et. al. v. Dover Area School District, et. al. But the case name hardly describes the issue, which grew out of an attempt by the local school board to order science teachers to read a statement to their high school biology students that said there is an alternative to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, and that alternative is called intelligent design. ID, as it is called, is based on the notion that certain life forms are too complex to be explained by Darwin's theory of natural evolution and therefore had to have been designed by an intelligent agent. That agent is not stated but is understood to be God, and that process is not stated but understood to be creationism." PBS Ombudsman, 'Judgment Day,' Intelligently Designed, re Judgment Day, Intelligent Design on Trial.

Intelligent design is based on Paley's Blind Watchmaker argument and is an illogical pastiche of pseudoscience, lies, straw man misrepresentaions of science, and numbers games designed to appeal to those deluded enough to believe in creationism.

ID – IDiocy, intelligent design creationism, intelligent [sick] design, creationism, (analogy) argument from design
ID proponents – IDiots, cdesign proponentists, creationists, design proponents, DI Fellows or CSC Fellows : mathematician William Dembski (also mischievously called Dumbski or Dembski) who devised the infamous, discredited explanatory filter and the gang. IDiots also run their own promotional blogs: Uncommon Descent, Michael Behe's Amazon blog

'Junk tank' agencies – misnamed Center for Renewal of Science and Culture, Discovery Institute (Anti-Discovery Institute, Discoverup Institute, Dissembly Institute), International Center for Complexity Information and Design (located and operating only in America)

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