Spell-checkers write the darndest things!

I found this blooper embedded within a post in reaction to a Washington Post article. The blog post likened meetings of atheists to church attendance:

"the vast majority of Americans who are sympathetic to the tenants of our Faith."

Ahem, I think that you intended to write "tenets". (Tenants is alarmingly common, I have also seen it in a YouTube video clearly written by an educated person.)

He argued that the scientific method can't show us what is write and wrong,
what goodness is or tell us why to be good.

It isn't right to write 'write' when you mean to write 'right'.


I doubt that the following homophone can be blamed on a spell-checker:

"for him, GW is fake, Bush is sane, and all illegal immigrants should be shot on site."

At which location, pray specify, should illegal immigrants be shot?

I think that errors like this arise from writing phrases that are more commonly spoken than written.


Another amusing example of misspelling:

"Bare with me."

One isn't sure whether this is a request to be tolerant or to strip.


"It is high time people start calling a spade a spade and not give undue reverence to religion, which does not deserve even a single aorta of respect from the secular community."

Ahum, that would be iota of respect, and not respect concerning the largest artery in the body. I suspect that this one cannot be blamed on a spell-checker. Instead, it probably reflects the fact that this writer has only heard the expression and not seen it written. I guess that we should be thankful that, being of a medical bent, he didn't write "calling a spayed a spayed."

I do agree that religious delusionism deserves no respect.

Students also write the darndest things as compiled in Non Campus Mentis.

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