Definition of Religion

This definition, from philosopher, A.C. Grayling explains why atheism, contrary to yet another fallacious theist argument, is not a religion:

"By definition a religion is something centred on belief in the existence of supernatural agencies or entities in the universe; and not merely their existence, but their interest in human beings on the planet; and not merely their interest, but their particularly detailed interest in what humans wear, what they eat, when they eat it, what they read or see, what they treat as clean or unclean, who they have sex with and how and when; and so for a multitude of other things, like making women invisible beneath enveloping clothing, or strapping little boxes to their foreheads, or iterating formulae by rote five times a day, and so endlessly forth; with threats of punishment for getting any of it wrong. But naturalism (atheism) does not premise such belief." (P.29 in Grayling, A.C., (2007) Against All Gods. London: Oberon Books.)

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